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SIN MOO HAPKIDO HAN WANG SOOL - DO JU NIM Han Jae Ji (FOUNDER) Since 1996, World Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool has been providing instruction for the Sin Moo Hapkido method of lifestyle in the Monterey, CA area.

According to Sin Moo Hapkido, a classic strategy of ancient and present day Korean origin, conflict is an inevitable part of life. The DoJuNim, Great-Grandmaster Han Jae Ji, taught me (as his student) that everything necessary to deal with conflict wisely, honorably, and victoriously is right before us at all times. The key to skillful action in any situation lies in "knowing" those things that make up the environment and the "arranging" them so that their power becomes available to us. We do not have to change the nature of things to attain the harmony and balance Sin Moo Hapkido has to offer.

Crucial to the vision of Do Ju Nim Han Jae is "knowledge" (especially self-knowledge) and a view of the whole that seeks to bring conflicting views around to a vision of the larger perspective. Our mission, here at the Monterey Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool Dojang, is to preserve the enigmatic nature of DJN Han Jae Ji, and his original teachings; while simultaneously encouraging commentary that reveals the full implication of DJN Ji's teachings and how they can be applied practically to a very broad spectrum of 'life situations.' Sin Moo Hapkido - Han Wang Sool is taught in a pure and simple manner. Our Mission Goal, among other things, is to help the student appreciate that the work of DJN Han Jae Ji endured, not simply as a cirriculum for martial art conduct and training, but because of the "depth of the principles" on which Sin Moo Hapkido is based and their applicability to daily life.

This 6,000 year old system includes: Life-style Intruction, Physical Training, Breathing Meditation - Hours are flexible - by arrangement - for ages 8 to 80 (see 'contact us'). Women only training available. Some traveling required for advanced students. . . "Have Hapkido-Will Travel"

We hope you enjoy our website and will stop by and visit us if you are in the area. This site is designed to give you information about our facility, our system and life-style , our staff and provide you with information on how to contact us as well.

Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool:Foundation of Education for the Confederation of the American School

What is Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool?

Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool literally means,'King practices the Korean way of harmony and balance of the mind, body, and spirit in a higher minded "noble" warrior.


Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool intigrates the knowledge of diversion or suppression and combines skeletal joint locks, pressure points, throws, kicks, and strikes to accompany the practitioner in their journey through the life process. The Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool practitioner uses their attacker's power against them. Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool emphasizes circular motion, non-resistive movements, and, at all times, control of the opponent. Although Sin Moo Hapkido contains both outfighting and infighting techniques, the goal in most situations is to get inside for a close-in strike, lock, or throw if the living situation requires it.

The essence of Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool is to gain advantage through technique, avoiding the use of strength against strength. For example, if the attack is strong, one must receive it gently. If the attack is gentle, one must counter it powerfully. This makes this style more suitable for those that are less physically able to defend themselves, as they are not required to meet an attacker head on.


The striking and kicking practice is done under strict supervisation of a Sin Moo Hapkido master. There is some weapons training for advanced students - primarily sword, belt, kubatan, cane, and short staff. This advanced training also includes a particular diet that aids in the production of essential adrenilne hormone or "ki." There are no Sin Moo Hapkido forms, katas, sparring, or competitions.

Sin Moo Hapkido techniques are unsuitable for use in sparring or competition, as their use would result in injury or,in a worst case scenario-death, even when protective gear is used. There is generally an emphasis on physical conditioning and excercise, including "ki" breathing exercises. It is important, for the advanced student, to become familiar with the 'nine rules' of Sin Moo Hapkido as originally outlined by the founder, Dojunim Han Jae Ji. The Dojunim is a close friend as well as mentor to our Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool 'Foundation of Education' for the Confederation of the American School. Information concerning the 'nine rules' will follow in more detail as we progress.