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I BELIEVE! I remember the first time I met the Dojunim Han Jae Ji. I had a lot of priceless life experiences already under my belt, so to speak. The honest, simple truth of the matter was that no matter what I thought about life, in all its glory, my life – my cup – was empty. I had lost my belief system. I was lost and confused to the point that I knew I had to surrender to something greater and more appropriate than I had heretofore experienced. . . a 'collective wholeness,' if you will. . .; something I could believe in and within which I could actively participate for the 'greater good.'

I was looking for something that would allow me to import my special skills and life experiences while, simultaneously, exporting a refined, high-quality, and respectful rendition of those skills and experiences that are absolutely rich in value and understanding. By this time I knew, deep in my heart, that if I wanted to live I had to fight the good fight with faith and assurance in the fact that not only would I survive, but actually excel in whatever my destiny would allow to unfold in my life. I merely had to believe.

Aye, 'there's the rub'. Believe in what? What I learned was that if one simply needs to believe. the answer is not 'out there.' The answer lies inside the individual psyche. Don't get me wrong, its not like “Eureka! I have found it!” Is more like, “ Oh my God! Whats going on now? Do they have a team of shadow writers that sneak around and come up with new and innovative ways to frustrate my efforts towards wholeness?” The answer is, 'yes!' Many teams of writers; an endless number of them. Its part of the dissemination process prevalent in this time and age. Its everywhere and it is easy to lose oneself in this modern day matrix.

When one participates in the “stop, drop, and roll” to “put out the fire” surrounding this phenomenon, one can see more clearly the issues and answers that are everywhere and constant at all times. By this I mean, they are already there, inside you, awaiting your personal touch; the human touch that is necessary in matters of this nature. It is a process - like eating an elephant. How? One bite at a time.

After the fire is out and the smoke clears, so does vision. Inward vision. How to become aware of the inner vision, that's the trick, or as Grandmaster and Founder Han Jae Ji would say, “technique.” I had found a way. It took me fifteen years to put it together. As I look back on it now, it makes a lot of sense. Synchronicity was the only clue I had and it had operated on an unconscious level rather than on a conscious one. It went something like this, chronologically speaking.....: vision, action, journey.

I received my vision through a set of dreams that numbered three. The first two of the Sin Moo Hapkido dreams came a good year before I met Han Jae Ji, so many years ago. In the first dream, I was outside my 'house' and two Asian men were stalking me. It was, as I later came to recognize, the Dojunim and his assistant, either Grandmaster Yung or Master Francisco. In the dream, I ran inside and thought I was safe. I wasn't. A steel projectile penetrated the door inches from where my head was. It was a real eye opener and then I did just that, I opened my eyes.

In my second dream, the Dojunim had some Korean princess, parasol and all, and her chaperone go with him up through and old fashioned “pull-down” attic entrance just like the one I found, in reality, above the dressing room at the Monterey World Sin Moo Hapkido Headquarters-back in the day.. The assistant and I, in the second dream, went up through the opening with the Dojunim and his party. We then left by crawling out a second story window and sliding down to the ground. We rode off on a small motor cycle with the assistant driving and me hanging on the back for dear life.

The third dream came about after I had been training under the Dojunim for quite awhile. In the third dream I had gotten married to a dark woman who, in the dream, took off her wedding ring and showed me the engraved name on the inside of the ring. It spelled out-- H A P K I D O. Hapkido was the name of my wife; the dark woman of my dreams. With all the synchronicity involved, I at least knew, on some level, that it would be up to me to find the correct path in my journey towards enlightenment. I would still need a system, a belief system, to find “the way.” I had one previous notion of dedicating myself to a martial art system, but which one?

On the very day I decided and, incidentally met the Dojunim, off I went to dedicate my life to Aikido – a Japanese system stemming from the aki-ryu jujutsu system located in the the House of Takeda in Japan. On my way to the Aikido place, not more than twenty yards from where I sat, directly across the street was a huge building directly in my path. As I looked up at the huge, two foot high letters I sounded out the words painted in red and gold: SIN MOO HAPKIDO WORLD HEADQUARTERS. Part of my lesson consisted of being though rough, so before checking out Aikaido I took a peek inside the SIN MOO HAPKIDO dojang and the rest is history. I never made it to Aikaido.

Looking up from the Monterey transit center, located accross the street from the last Sin Moo Hapkido World Headquarters Dojang (Monterey, Tyler St.), I gathered my courage and ventured forth to ask about a system of learning that I couldn't pronounce appropriatly, much less remember how to say the name of the system. Inside I found a man who said he was the founder of World Sin Moo Hapkido, Grandmaster Han Jae Ji.. I asked him to tell me what it was all about in ten words or less.. He answered me in six words. “It is about adrenaline hormone production.” That was it! I believed and thus was born my belief in not only the system of Sin Moo Hapkido, but also my belief in the man, the 'founder' of Hapkido, Dojunim Grandmaster Han Jae Ji.. That was one of the proudest moments of my life====the moment my training began under the Dojunim Han Jae Ji, World Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool has been offering instruction and training in Hapkido since 1996. Located in Monterey, CA, World Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool has produced champions in life as well as in the martial arts.

Headed by a staff of expert instructors and managers, World Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool offers a number of programs for physical fitness and instruction in Hapkido.

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You can also reach us through Direct E-Mail or our Contact Form. You can also call us on the phone at: 831-869-8591. Please refer to our Hours of Operation to call us within our business hours.

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- The Management of World Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool

Foundation of Education for the Confederation of the American School


(What is Korean World Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool?)

Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool “Foundation of Education” classes fulfill general education and training requirements, as well as training, education, and transfer for upper belt certification. Our methodology is inclusive. Teacher and student work together to create a safe, collaborative environment for a diverse student population.

In the Foundations' educational class discussions we share our thoughts on readings, experiences, ideas and opinions while honoring each others voice with careful listening and respect. Mind power and life experiences come together in the Educational Foundation Dojang (temple) . We use what we have learned, both formally and informally, both inside and outside the 'Foundation', to gain the skills, knowledge, critical thinking ability, self-esteem, and motivation to achieve a personal education in a true martial art, as well as career goals. 'Foundation' teachers serve as role models and friends as well as instructors to make themselves accessible to all students as they work on closely connected personal and martial art issues.

Our 'Foundation of the Educational Confederation' curriculum is also inclusive. Besides the physical training, each class addresses subjects and issues of as many cultures as is appropriate and covers issues of ethnicity, race, sexual preference, and class as well as gender. A lot of students we serve are under-represented – women, men, people of color and other ethnic origin, people who are physically or mentally challenged, new students, and low income people. The World Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool: Foundation of Education for the Confederation of the American School:is committed to open and accessible martial arts training.

We want as much as possible for students to be able to see elements of their life issues and histories on the mat, and in the Foundations' Confederated Educational Curriculum of the school. Working to solve personal problems and internalized blocks to learning and to advocate for oneself must be considered part of the martial arts training process. The Confederated Educational Foundation Sin Moo Hapkido instructor encourages students to talk about their problems and helps them to seek solutions. When students have issues which require outside, professional help, we encourage them to work with an agency or a person who can help.

The goal of the 'Foundation'is to retain students in the Confederation Dojang (temple) so they may reach their martial arts educational, career, and personal goals. We focus on creating an environment in which students may feel confident in claiming their martial arts training rather than remaining passive as their training is “given” to them. At the 'Foundation,' the Confederation Dojang becomes a collaborative, a place where communication skills are developed, information is shared, ideas are expressed, and questions are asked. We encourage students to 'find their own voices', to feel confident to develop and express their own ideas in their own words..This is Sin Moo Hapkido - Han Wang Sool.

The confederated dojang of the Foundation of Education, in which students are enabled to “claim” their training, must also employ a variety of learning methods to meet the needs of the diverse people that are represented. In addition to physical training, readings and giving lectures and seminars, we use visual materials. While reading images is not part of a traditional confederation curriculum of the Foundation, a large percentage of experimental learning has come through images. By using images actively in the Foundations' dojang, our opportunities for learning are greatly increased. We maintain clipping notebooks, write essays, a weekly journal entry, go on assignments into the community, interview, write reports on community organizations, make oral presentations, produce collaborative projects, and write oral histories.

By integrating personal lives with the Foundations' dojang experience, training, and activities in the community and the world, students of the World Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool 'Foundation of Education for the Confederation of the American School' are able to claim a well rounded, diverse approach to martial arts and learning that will empower them throughout their lives.