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Our Business Contact Hours are posted below and are subject to change without notice. Visits to the facility and training times are by arrangement only. Please contact us during Business Contact Hours before scheduling a visit to our facility in order to make your visit successful, as well as comfortable. World Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool offers personalized training, customized to meet your needs. Thank you for your thoughtfull consideration.

Sincerely, Grandmaster King 8th Dahn

World Sin Moo Hapkido
Han Wang Sool

Hapkido of Monterey(World Sin Moo Hapkido) is located on the majestic Monterey Bay of California (just north of the beautiful 'Big Sur' wilderness area and just south of the Santa Cruz Redwood Forest), in the city of Monterey, California [see: MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA-CITY AND/OR COUNTY] of the United States of America.

The city of Monterey is situated a mere 90 miles south of San Francisco, California and a "must see" for anyone "from prospective student to tourist" that may visiting the 'western' coast of the United States-especially California.

Monterey began as a sleepy pueblo during Spain's colonial period and became the capitol of 'Alta California' for the Spanish King and Queen, Ferdinand and Isabella. After a very brief 'occupational engagement' against Mexico (Mexico took California away from the Spanish), Monterey became the first capitol of the State of California as it joined the United States...the state capitol was later moved to Sacramento.

Four flags have flown over Monterey and are still on display, downtown by the 'Robert Louis Stevenson House.': 1.-the Spainish flag. 2.-the Mexican flag 3.-the Republic of California flag. 4.-"Old Glory" the American flag of the United States.

It is interesting to note, and bears a little looking into (for fun), that California was the independent "Republic of California" for only a few days before 'officially' becoming a part of the United Sates of America. For a couple of days California (at its new capitol founded in Monterey, California) flew what is commonly referred to as the 'Bear Flag.' It is still flown today as the California State Flag.

The "Grizzly Bear," a very ferocious, as well as dangerous animal, was found all over California during those days of yore-especially in the Monterey area. Such events as the "Bull and Bear" fights were the big attraction for the "Californio's" (people of colonized California). The image of the Grizzly Bear that is still found on the state flag represents, in more ways than one, the tumultuous times surrounding the pioneer during the early formation period of California.

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