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Students and enthusiasts of Hapkido have many reasons for their interest in this and other martial art styles. Some are drawn to the physical fitness and weight-loss aspects of training. Others seek to add discipline and self control to their lives. While still others are concerned about safety and self-defense.

Whether you are interested in our programs for mental or physical well being, World Sin Moo Hapkido Han Wang Sool offers a number of programs that will fit your developmental needs and your busy schedule as well.

god's warrior: wsmh-hws=spiritual
The spiritual aspect of Sin Moo involves an all encompassing awareness of a type that is not taught in the mainstream standard of most martial arts. As I've said before, Sin Moo Hapkido is not something one does on Tuesday and Thursday; or even five times a week.

Sin Moo Hapkido is something that you become through dedication, discipline, and perseverence. It is something that you are 24/7, day and night. It is a personna that one uses to sculpt-out the full potential of the individual, in relationship to the whole.

The spiritual aspect of Sin Moo is a life-long process that demands rigorous self-discipline, as well as self-examination. Often, Sin Moo Hapkido Community Service and Spiritual Mind Power go hand in hand with one another.

For example, in my own life, much of my community service is tied to my spirituality. I am a Eucharistic Minister for my church, St. James Episcopal Church, and Chalice Bearer every Sunday. It is because of Sin Moo Hapkido that I "get it". It is important to be involved with those less able to "get it".

To be an EXAMPLE IN THE COMMUNITY, by participating actively is some sort of community outside martial arts, is of primary concern. We must carry 'the word' (whatever that 'word' is) and, as Warriors of God, practice what we preach. If one is going to "talk the talk" then one must "walk the walk", nes pas?

Sin Moo Hapkido-hws Physical Aspect
The entry portal of Sin Moo Hapkido lies in its physical aspect. It is the easiest part to access and the reason training as "God's Warrior" begins with the physical or 'body.'The first physical aspect centers on "breathing.

In America, as well as many other parts of the world, the focus on breath and breathing is not taught as part of a general learning requirement.It is a top priority for the concerns of the Sin Moo Hapkido 'Foundation of Education.'

Every class begins with warm-up to wake-up internal organs and registure physical intent as to the purpose and meaning of 'physical training.' Warm-up is immediately followed up with circular, adrineline oriented, breathing, performed while in a standing position, in conjuction with specific arm movements.

The breathing, per se, is done with the basic rythm of 3 slow-8 second breaths. In-take breath slowly 8-seconds' Hold breath 8-seconds. Let breath out slowly 8-seconds. This is a total of a count of 24. The technique lies in the curling of the tounge, to stop any air flow through the mouth that would potentially go past, and interact with the teeth and the vibratory tones that lie there in.

The breath must be taken in through and out of the nose only, to avoid any compromise of the technique. It is very important. The 24 count cycle is repeated 8 times and then you are done. This is a special type of breathing as taught by the Founder, DoJuNim Han Jae Ji for World Sin Moo Hapkido-king

world sin moo hapkido community service
The term martial art , for me as taught by the DoJuNim-Han Jae Ji, is a combination of the mind, spirit, and body as expressed through an individual with noble intent or 'higher mind,' as it were.

"The least being the physical," he would often say, with his thumb and forfinger held closely together,so as to almost-but not quite, touch with one upon the other. Then he would say, with his hands held out as wide as possible, "... mind and spirit THIS BIG!!!"

"Martial arts means to respect your elders, to respect your parents, and to be of service to the community." Many martial artist of the day are excellent beyond description in the physical sense. I am always surprised at the lack of mental discipline and almost complete absence of the spiritual life.

The lack of the higher minded warriors noble intent is everywhere and in all areas an obvious stumbling block for those that would seek true enlightenment for whatever reason they may have selected.

Sin Moo Hapkido not only addresses these issues, but also resolves them. This is the priority of the Han Wan Sool Sin Moo Hapkido: Foundation of Education for the Confederation of the American School. This is martial art.

The mental outlook, from the perspective of 'Sin Moo,' is an essential component, not only in Hapkido training but also in life and the living process. This is part of the purpose of the vision and mission of the Foundation of Education for the Confederation of the American School. By working together, the ranking belts of 'Sin Moo' can escort World Sin Moo Hapkido into a new age of awareness and practical application for the everyday American life style.

Part of the vision of the Confederation, as I have mentioned before, includes inserting Sin Moo Hapkido into our American college and higher learning insitutions. High schools are also an appropriate place to teach Sin Moo. It is the perfect cultural tool that expresses an American life-style/way of living.

On one of my journeys, I met a young student taking Ju-Jitsu in a local jr. college. I met another taking Aikido and still another taking judo as part of the general education offered by an institution of higher living. WHY NOT SIN MOO HAPKIDO?

Our leaders in the World Sin Moo need to address this, as well as other pertinent issues on an individual and collective level. By working together,as real sisters and brothers, the Sin Moo Hapkido community (community service) can prosper pro bono publica. Sin Moo Hapkido is the perfect psychosociocultural tool that can be used to bind people, not only American people but also people of all 'flavors' from around the world, together as human beings; HUMANS BEING HUMAN TO ONE ANOTHER as advocates of a better society in which to live with love and acceptance. That's what its all about!

Sin Moo Hapkido is not only a complete system of learning, but also a 'way of life.' Hence the 'Do'- as in: Hap [harmony and co-ordination between]. 'Ki'- [as in mind, body, and spirit].'Do' - [as in the way or direction, if you will, of any given concept of living or 'life-style.']

DJN Han Jae Ji learned the 'mental' aspect of Sin Moo from an old Korean woman known only as Halmony or 'Grandma.' She taught 'mind power' to many of the top world leaders of the day. The following is a short anecdote I use to explain, as it was explained to me by DJN Ji.

The DJN used to have coffee with the then World Headquarters Head Master, Francisco Abundan (my senior) and I, every morning before training classes began (DJN loved McDonalds coffee). I learned more about martial art having coffee with DJN than I did anywhere else. He would always be in a good mood while having coffee with us and, sometimes, we could get some real Hapkido history,as related personally by the DJN. The following is one such story.

As young Grandmaster, DJN was proud of his Hapkido and wanted to share it with the world. DJN was still forming his system at the time, and he was interested in the 'mind power' taught by 'Grandma.' Having expressed an interest, through a 'middle-man,' the DJN was surprised, to say the least, that 'Grandma' had said her Mind Power was better than Hapkido.

Of course, Master Francisco and I asked, "What happened?" DJN simply looked up and, with a very stern countenence, stated, "I challenge her!" I remember asking, "Wait a minute, sir. You challenged a woman?" DJN said, "Yes! She say her mind power better than Hapkido!"

The next question at McDonald's was, obviously, "Then what happened?" After a moments pause, for effect, DJN said, with that same stern countenence, "She knock me out!" "What?!...What did she do sir, sneak up on you or some other dirty trick? (In my own mind I was defending him and very confused by his words)

In the conclusion of his story about 'Grandma' and as we were all getting up to go to work he assumed, once again, that same stern countenence as before. He then pointed to his head while looking at me directly in the eyes and simply stated, "Mind Power!"

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